Monday, September 11, 2006

"I shit on the 105th kilometre of your horns"

Well, it´s been a while. A long while. Laziness got the better of me and I let the blog lie fallow.

This, though, moved me to post. An ETA (Basque separatist terrorists) man, receiving his sentence from the other side of a glass screen (I assume bullet-proof) last Thursday let off an extraodinary volley of abuse. Among threats to shoot, stab and employ miscellaneous other methods to shove the sentencing judge of his mortal coil, the beefy, shaven-headed convicted terrorist shouted, "Me cago en kilómetro 105 de tus cuernos."

The literal translation - I shit on the 105th kilometre of your horns - demands further interpretation.

Poner los cuernos (to put on the horns) means to have an affair or be otherwise unfaithful in the amorous sense. Someone who has long horns is, in this sense, someone whose partner is having many affairs. The suggestion above, therefore, is that the judge´s wife is sleeping around a lot. Not only that, but the fellow recently consigned to many years in prison shits on the whole sorry lot.