Friday, April 29, 2005

It's all very clever making a film without a script

...but you get the impresion its more rewarding for those involved than for the poor bastards who have to watch it. Before Sunset is the worst load of drivel I've ever seen. Male writer of romantic bestsellers meets female NGO-worker who apparently manages to help the developing world despite showing only basic biological intelligence (eyes follow moving object, demonstrates flinch response to loud noise etc). Quote: Female "I read my diary of nine years ago and was amazed. It was like I was the same person." Male heroically resists temptation to point out how jaw-droppingly stupid that sounds (he later reveals himself to be equally free of activity upstairs). It wasn't a total waste, though. I'll admit it was hilariously bad: I was surpised, after ten mintues, to find that it wasn't satire.

(I nicked this post from an email I wrote to someone because I'm trying to kickstart this blog. So not plagiarism but lazy, certainly.)